Tien Pasco founded Storylab in 2007, after working as a promo and marketing producer at PBS and National Geographic Channel. Tien brings her background as a Writer/Producer for non-fiction networks to produce videos for a variety of different purposes. Storylab has produced documentaries, tv spots, educational videos, corporate image videos, training videos, advocacy pieces, and multimedia branding campaigns for many organizations.

how we work

Every project starts with a conversation about what a client is looking for in a video. We help flesh out our client’s specific video needs by exploring options together. We take great care to understand a client’s mission and messaging to produce a video that complements their overall theme, message, and brand. Some clients want to refresh or re-invent their image. Others want to highlight a new service or product offering with a video.

At the heart of our work is collaboration that produces results.

Storylab pulls together just the right mix of talent and ideas to produce a successful video campaign. Every project is handled with the utmost care, tailoring each project to fit the job at hand like a glove. We strive to provide the best quality video by tapping into the best resources available for each project. We draw on an extensive pool of talent from the local DC area, as well as across the country, and even around the world. We challenge ourselves to think creatively and work smartly – in order to deliver the biggest impact.

Let us help you explore how to grow your organization through video.